Well, today’s post is a quick one. I made a long entry about COSMIC GIRL and how she was a derivative of MS. MARVEL…. and somehow I managed to accidently erase the whole thing while trying to copy and paste it to BLOGGER.COM. So I’m a little too frustrated (well, PISSED, actually) with myself to re-create it. So I’m just going to leave it at posting the images.

I’d have to say that FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at HEROES AREN’T HARD TO FIND was a resounding success. There were TONS of enthusiastic folks in attendance for the festivities. It was back breaking work to sit in one place for about 5 1/2 hours straight doing tons of sketches for folks, but I’m happy to do it if it will help to bring in new ‘converts’ to the comic book medium as fans. The folks at HEROES have a great mini-site up about the whole thing with an overview and TONS of cool pictures. I hope they won’t mind that I cribbed one to post here– but here’s a happy fan with a SPIDER-MAN sketch I did for him. I’d have to say that SPIDER-MAN was the overwhelming favorite for folks there…. and it became a running joke for anyone who asked for a SPIDEY sketch to then turn around and apologize to the other folks in line, because they took longer than any other characters to draw. Shelton Drum (HEROES owner) took all the comics pros out for dinner at a great nearby pizza restaurant, and I was crying with laughter at Cully Hamner and Casey Jones going over the more hilarious parts of the day’s experiences. I’m really happy that I took part in FCBD.


OK– that’s it for now.


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