J.J.J. and M.J.

I’m also going to play with Peter/SPIDER-MAN’S supporting cast as much as possible before the book gets started. So with this post, I did a sketch of Peter’s on-again/off-again curmudgeon of a boss at the DAILY BUGLE, J. Jonah Jameson.– and had another go at Mary Jane now that I’m a tad bit more proficient at Photoshop. So I also added a bit of color to them both. I figure since I have the TIME right now, I can play with adding color to the blog posts– because I know that once I get back into the monthly grind, that luxury won’t be there anymore. I just read a short interview in WIZARD with J. Michael Straczynski in which he discusses Aunt May and Mary Jane moving into Avengers Tower with Peter– so I’m not sure that Peter will even NEED to work at the Bugle– or if he’s still a college professor… or what. I haven’t really READ a SPIDER-MAN comic in a long time, so I don’t even know what’s going on with the character. Regardless, it was fun to draw Jonah…. and it’s ALWAYS fun to draw Mary Jane….!

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