CATWOMAN and CHARLIE the Cat….boy…..

It’s been a week since my last post– and I’m sorry for that. Between spending time with young CHARLIE (who’s settled in nicely, but needs lots of attention) and working on the next issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, it’s been almost impossible to find time to do any extra sketching.

So for this post, I’m just going to offer another of the sketches I did at the BALTIMORE COMICON last month– I recently stumbled on this on the web. I hope the person I did it for doesn’t mind me sharing it here with you. It’s a sketch in ink and grey marker of CATWOMAN.

And– as I promised a while back, I’m putting up some pictures I took of CHARLIE recently. He’s not all that cooperative a photo subject, I have to say. I took probably a dozen or more shots, and these were the only ones that were decent enough to share. He’s stubborn about not looking into the camera. At all other times, he’s constantly staring at me– whether it’s to stalk me and jump at my face, or just laying there and looking at me like I’m some kind of creature he’s never seen before. I thought that the common wisdom was that cats didn’t usually look you in the eyes because they view that as a sign of aggression. With CHARLIE, it’s like he’s got to be looking at my eyes, and have me looking into his at all times when we’re together. Even when he’s playing with one of the tons of toys I’ve gotten him, the whole time he’s doing his level best to shred them, he’s looking at me….! Kind of odd.

Unless, of course, I’m trying to take his picture.

OK– that’s it for now. Gotta get back to the FOUR.


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