U-Go Girl!

I’m still feeling like crap– but at least I’m able to work. I spent about 11 years on and off working in the grocery business before I got into comics full-time, and taking sick days was pretty unheard of. The grocery business keeps personnel and scheduling pretty tight to insure maximum profit, so there usually wasn’t anyone to cover for me if I got sick– I’d still have to go in to work. But at least with a more physical type of vocation, I could keep moving and work up a sweat which would help, in most cases, to push the bug through my system faster. It would be miserable– but it would be quick. I think in most ways, having a more sedentary job allows the cold to linger longer and take it’s own sweet time leaving the body. All I know is that it’s moved into my lungs, and they’re already in bad shape from former bouts with bronchitis due to way too many years of smoking cigarettes, so it’s no picnic. (I quit smoking YEARS ago, and can’t even stand to smell cigarette smoke anymore. They say there’s no more militant anti-smoker than an EX-smoker– and that describes me. Just one of SO MANY stupid things I’ve done in my life).

Today’s BALTIMORE COMICON offering comes courtesy of Louie La Palombara III– and it’s of Edie, AKA U-GO GIRL from the late, lamented X-STATIX comic by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred. I really like this character (as did so many X-STATIX fans) and it’s the first time I’ve gotten to draw her. I think of all the commissions I did in Baltimore, this one is my favorite. So a public THANK YOU! to Louie for taking the time to scan in the piece and email me the file.

OK– back to work for me.


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