Swept Away

The Southeastern U.S. is really getting soaked this summer. It’s been so rainy here that when the sun shines, it’s becoming a rare occurance. We haven’t had a solid 2 hours of sun shining through all the clouds in weeks. And the ground feels like a sponge when you walk on it. But in all honesty, as crappy as the weather has been here– we’ve been incredibly lucky. We’ve “dodged the bullet” on a couple of hurricanes– and as far as rain goes, we haven’t had it NEARLY as bad as some places. Like, for instance, Richmond VA., where my brother lives. They just got over 12 inches of rain in less than 10 hours from Tropical Depression GASTON– and my bro sent me this link of news of the horrible damage. You can even see some video of the flood– you’ll need REAL PLAYER to watch it. It’s amazing what terrible things Mother Nature can do in such a short time.

And now Hurricane FRANCES seems to be headed for Florida, and they’re STILL cleaning up from Hurricane CHARLEY. I tell ya, there’s no let up in this crap. I feel horrible for the folks down there.


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