For Jamar…

I was talking with my buddy Jamar Nicholas the other day and he was telling me that he has a sketchbook that he’s having filled by various artist buddies– and the subject matter is a “big girl” or “chunky” version of WONDER WOMAN. I was working on a warm up sketch at the same time that had started out with an old man with a startled/bemused look on his face. After talking with Jamar, and getting a big laugh out of thinking about all the big ol’ WW sketches he’d be getting, I thought I’d add one into the warm up for the old man to be gawking at.

I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a huge fan of the pet community. There’s nothing greater than having a companion animal living with you– always willing to offer their love unconditionally. Well– with cats, maybe not ALWAYS. It’s mostly on their terms, but they have ways of letting you know that they love you without always being overt about it. Anyway, I’m always doing GOOGLE searches for sites with pictures of cute pets to look at, and I found a fun one this morning. Check this site out— it’s chock full of cute and cuddly looking animals. Some of the pictures are funny– but they’re ALL wonderful.

See you tomorrow.


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