FRIGHTFUL FOUR (well, one of them, anyway…)

For some reason, BLOGGER was more like BLOCKER most of today. I finally was able to get into my account– I’ve been frozen out until just now. But at least it didn’t last all day– so here I am.

The latest issue of FANTASTIC FOUR came out yesterday (#517)– my first issue back after a three issue fill-in arc drawn by Paco Medina. It featured the villains THE FRIGHTFUL FOUR, and I was asked to redesign the costumes for THE WINGLESS WIZARD and HYDRO MAN– and to design two new characters for the story. The overall consensus from most reviewers about the costume designs was that they were relatively uninteresting. I was sort of trying to keep a Grant Morrison NEW X-MEN design sense in mind when working them out– so maybe that was a mistake. I’ll post them here over the next few days– and I start with NOIR (I BELIEVE that’s her name).

OK– that’s it today. The WINGLESS WIZARD design tomorrow.


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