Four Legged Friends

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who posted in the comments section or emailed me directly with your support and understanding. It means a lot to me to hear from you about subjects like the one I spoke of yesterday. After re-reading the post once or twice, it really comes off as more than a bit whiney– and for that, I apologize–although it was rather cathartic just to get it out there. I’ve had vague ideas and plans drifting through my brain about what direction to go in to make me feel more fulfilled and happy– and I’m going to begin coalescing those ideas into a concrete plan of action that I can implement once my exclusive contract with Marvel is expired.

But again– thank you.

This past Sunday was a great day– one full of great art and lots of cute animals/pets. I was lucky enough to be invited to Eric and Donna Nolan-Weathington’s house to drool over copies of Bruce Timm artwork that Eric has in his possession right now. Eric is the editor of MODERN MASTERS for TWOMORROWS PUBLISHING. MODERN MASTERS is a series of wonderful books with in depth interviews and examples of the work of some of the greatest comics artists working today. The latest issue (volume 3) is an amazing overview of the work of animation (and comics) master BRUCE TIMM. With all the incredible examples of Timm’s work published in the volume– there was much, much more that Eric didn’t use. So it was a rare treat for me to be able to see some work from one of my absolute favorite artists– much of which I had never seen before. I first dropped by my old studio mate Richard Case’s house to pick him up– and got to see his adorable Cairn terrier GINGER again. She’s a sweet little bundle of energy who loves to gently nibble on fingers. Eric and Donna have a very sweet and shy dog of their own named CASEY who greeted us enthusiastically when Rich and I pulled into their driveway– but then immediately became very skittish. It didn’t take long for he to warm up to us, though. She had wonderfully expressive eyes– and I could read her mind as she looked up at Eric and Donna…. “Who are these strange folks…?”. She was great. They also have 7 cats– but only two came out to see us. The others were just too shy to meet strangers. One was a very beautiful black cat named GRIFFIN (who, like my late kitty BUTCH is rife with health problems– but very inquisitive and nice, nonetheless)– and a monster (in size, not temperment) of a tabby who’s name I can’t remember. He had a very odd and funny meow.

BUTCH ?-2004

I’ve been in an on-and-off funk (mostly ON) since my cat BUTCH died back at the end of April. She was already old when she moved in with me, but we still had 8 years together. But even almost 4 months after I had to have her put to sleep, I still miss her greatly and think about her every day. So, as much fun as it was to get to see Bruce Timm’s artwork– I think that getting to see Richard’s, Eric’s and Donna’s pets was much MORE of a treat. I love animals. They’re so straight forward and unencumbered by hidden agendas. Their needs are so simple: shelter, food and love. Lots of love. They’ll give back so much more than they get. And there’s nothing like having a pet around to bring your mood up when your down. I know I’ll get another cat (or, who knows–maybe even a dog) some day… but right now, the time just doesn’t feel right. I don’t feel as though I should get a new companion while I’m still mourning BUTCH. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy other people’s four legged friends.

See you tomorrow.


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