Quick shot

Just a couple of sketches today with very little commmentary to go along with them. The first is the last of the SHE-HULK/THING layouts. If you notice SHE-HULK looking out at you in this layout, that’s because Todd Dezago was keeping the story in the vein of what John Byrne was doing in regards to SHE-HULK breaking the fourth wall and talking to the reader. That was one of the most fun aspects of this story for me– that and the humor. Although the latest SHE-HULK series doesn’t have any of the “wall breaking” aspects, it’s still very funny and well written by Dan Slott– and the artwork by Juan Bobillo is simply AMAZING!

The second sketch is an unused cover idea for the 8th of the first TELLOS series (or mini-series, as the case may be…)– Todd’s and my first issue under teh GORILLA imprint. I originally wanted that cover to be a wrap-around, but time and budget constraints wouldn’t allow for it.

That’s it for today.


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