I have been ADDed….


I’m the subject of one of Alan David Doane’s 5 QUESTIONS interviews over at NEWSARAMA. Alan is a tireless proponent of good comics, and you can see his very personal, opinionated (and sometimes combative) views on comic books and the industry as a whole over at Alan’s COMIC BOOK GALAXY website. He has a terrific array of articles, opinions and interviews as well as his own blog. Thank you for the exposure, Alan…!

Today features another layout from the pages I worked on for the SHE-HULK/THING one-shot. This is another page that I actually have a photocopy of the pencils for, but I’ve decided not to post a scan of the pencils, because looking at the one from yesterday, no matter how many times I tried to make the scan as clear as possible, it still ended up looking no sharper than the layout. So just layouts for the rest of the pages– they’re pretty tight anyway.

That’s it from me for now.


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