Leave it to Chance

It seems as though there’s plenty of folks who think that getting a look at the various stages of the creation of a comic page or cover/pinup would be an interesting thing, so I’m going to start incorporating that into the blog periodically. Deadlines are pretty tight for me right now– so I’m going to start out with something that’s kind of close at hand in my files here on this computer. It’s also something that many of you might not have seen– depending on how diligent you are in following anything and everything having to do with Paul Smith’s and James Robinson’s LEAVE IT TO CHANCE comic. Those of you who DO follow it, know it’s a wonderful book that can be read and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. And Paul Smith is one of the comics industry’s most incredible talents– who unfortunately doesn’t produce as much work as his many fans would like to see from him. CHANCE has had a rather spotty publishing history– but IMAGE COMICS has begun in recent months to collect the original series (published by WILDSTORM’S HOMAGE imprint) into oversized hardcovers (beautiful!)– and a 13th issue came out some months ago in a prestige format. I was thrilled to be asked by Paul Smith himself to produce a pinup for the new issue– and I thought I’d present the sketches, inks as well as Paul’s colors here to show the process– as well as to present it for those of you who might not have seen it. So– sketches, inks and colors, in that order….

SKETCH 1 (not used )

SKETCH 2 (used as pinup)



For those of you who have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for the always incredibly funny and detailed CON REPORTS that Steve Leiber and Jeff Parker create after every show they attend, Parker has at last posted the report of their experiences at COMICON INTERNATIONAL in San Diego for all to see. I suggest that everone who is into reading these reports (and they’re always great!) go read THIS one– because it just may be Parker’s last. He has experienced immense frustration at the amount of time that they entail to put together, and as he stated on his blog, “That don’t feed the cat!” I really couldn’t blame him for not doing them anymore (as a freelancer myself, I understand exactly where he’s coming from)– but I sure would miss ’em.

I’d also like to direct your attention to the wonderful PVP online comic strip created by Scott Kurtz. As you’ll notice in my links section, it’s my favorite strip on the web– and Scott put out a call for guest strips to run while he was away at COMICON out in sunny San Diego (see how these two link items tie so neatly together…?)– and I couldn’t resist throwing my hat into the ring to take him up on it. The strip that I did is running today. I would like to take this opportunity to point out someone whom Scott forgot to credit for the colors and letters on the strip, and that’s my good buddy JAMAR NICHOLAS. Without Jamar’s colors and letters, the strip would have looked like a rushed, amateurishly lettered pile of junk– so to you, Jamar– I give my deepest thanks and respect. You are the MAN. Be sure and check out Jamar’s site– he’s one hell of an artist (and writer to boot)– and he does the super cool DETECTIVE BOOGALOO strip over at MOVIEPOOPSHOOT.COM. As Jamar is fond of saying, head on over and “holla at your boy”…!

Thanks again, buddy.

OK– that’s enough for today– the FANTASTIC FOUR are calling me to get my butt to work.


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