What could have been…sigh….

Back when Todd Dezago and I were doing our TELLOS comic book, the folks at Palisades Marketing were slated to create a series of action figures based on the characters from our story. There were to be figures of the characters JAREK, KOJ, SERRA, TOM and a Frog Soldier. Unfortunately, Palisades decided –just as they were getting ready to go to production with the figures– that they were no longer going to be creating action figure lines based on comic book properties.

Todd and I got a chance to see the prototype figures at the COMICON in San Diego in– I think– 1999 or 2000. Memory fails me now– but suffice it to say that we were both incredibly excited and thrilled over the prospect of the line of toys. The prototypes were just gorgeous. Absolutely perfect to our eyes. That’s what made it so crushing that Palisades decided to pull out.

I recently saw a link to the sculptor’s site that had done the prototypes– and to my utter joy, there was the SERRA figure in all her glory. Go check her out.

Maybe some day.


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