I felt like drawing something that wasn’t so…. slick … this morning. Even though they’re supposed to be just ‘sketches’, I still feel like– for the most part– they should be as close to finished as I can make them so they’ll read well enough for everyone to see. That makes me have to try to be a bit more precise with the lines than some mornings I feel like attempting. So today I was feeling a bit less inclined to try to be as sharp as I normally am– and when thinking about what I could sketch in that mode, a caveman came to mind. I watch a lot of THE HISTORY CHANNEL, DISCOVERY CHANNEL and the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL on cable– and some of my favorite programs are the shows the do about either dinosaurs or early man. The WALKING WITH DINOSAURS and WALKING WITH CAVEMEN series of programs DISCOVERY CHANNEL produced were really fascinating to me. So I thought I’d indulge that interest for today’s sketch.

OK… another quick in-and-out today. Back to work…

This is Entry 380.


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