Looking back through my DC LEGION ARCHIVES once again, I came upon one collection that is entirely made up of the heart of the Mike Grell era as LEGION artist… and I remember buying those issues way back then. I was initially very disappointed when Grell took over as LEGION artist… because I had been so enamored with Dave Cockrum’s wonderful work on the title. It didn’t take long, though, for Grell’s work to quickly grow on me. There was a very raw energy to his drawing that was appealing– and there was this ‘cool factor’ that his style brought to the title with his long, lithe and dynamic figure-work. One of the things that ALSO marked Grell’s work on that period of LEGION was his design work on the characters’ costumes that showed a lot of skin. A LOT of skin. And that sort of hit its apex with the introduction of the character TYROC in issue 216. His costume has got to be one of the skimpiest costumes for either a male or female character in mainstream superhero comics that I can remember. It’s funny to look back on those costumes with their 70’s sensibilities and lots of exposed flesh. I guess maybe the new redesign of the WHITE QUEEN in X-MEN might be more skimpy… but not by much.

I’ve had a MYSPACE page up for some months now. It’s a phenomenally popular site that has millions and millions of users. So I thought it would be good to get involved with the site to try to use it for self promotion. Well, now there’s a similar site just for comic book enthusiasts called COMICSPACE. I have signed up for a COMICSPACE page as well. If you’re interested in either or both of those kinds of ‘community’ sites, add me to your ‘friends list’.


Yesterday, Marvel released the solicitations for their books shipping in the month of March. I thought I’d nab the cover image for FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #18 I drew (and was wonderfully inked by my old TELLOS artistic co-hort Rob Stull) and post it here for you to see. I started doing covers for the title again with issue 17.

OK… that’s it for today.

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