There a new trailer up on YAHOO MOVIES for Frank Miller’s 300 film. It looks absolutely amazing. I went to see SIN CITY when it debuted… and I was impressed by the visuals of the movie… it was beautifully done. The dialogue, however, left me cold. I know that it was totally faithful to the comic… and that the comic itself was used as the storyboards for the film. But that was the one problem I had with the film– the dialogue. It was so faithful that what sounded cool in my head when reading the book sounded very hokey when I heard it out load coming from the big screen. I know it was meant to be reminiscent/inspired by the film noire, hard boiled stories that Miller grew up reading… but it just sounded bad to my ears.

300, however, has me very excited. I’ve read the comic… and I think that Miller’s dialogue in this movie is going to work very well… and visually, it’s just mindblowing to see so far. I have very high hopes for this film. I know that the story is rather light in concept– very simple. But that’s fine with me. This movie is based on a singular event in the history of the world… and it’s going to be a high intensity testosterone-filled, bloody film. It’s very exciting to me to see Frank Miller making such inroads with his properties in Hollywood. And that they’re so very faithful to his vision– even when the dialogue sounds odd to my ears as with SIN CITY.

Have a great weekend, all.

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