There’s buzz going around that DC COMICS might be revisiting the NEW GODS franchise. I hope this rumor turns out to be true… but I REALLY hope they get the right creative team to handle it if the book indeed happens. Of all of Kirby’s post-Silver-Age-era creations, I think NEW GODS is his greatest. It was obvious from the beginning that Kirby was absolutely inspired by his idea…. he just couldn’t get his thoughts on paper fast enough. He created such a rich universe and mythos with NEW GODS right out of the gate. It’s been debated whether the untimely end of Kirby’s Fourth World was due to poor sales or editorial bias….. but whatever the real reason was, NEW GODS ended too soon. There have been many attempts over the ensuing decades to resurrect the characters and rekindle that fevered creative energy that Kirby brought to his creations… but over and over again, these attempts haven’t caught on. There’s so much potential in NEW GODS for greatness….. its scope is so epic, with the biblical threads that run through the origins of ORION and SCOTT FREE– and the constant struggle between the powerful forces of good and evil that spill out into the world of ‘normal folk’ here on earth. Things have been so grounded in superhero comics for so long these past years… so… dull… that something huge and epic in scope like NEW GODS could be very powerful and exciting to read.

If done well. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that DC will try to do it right this time……

OK– have a great weekend, all. I’ll be attending the PARTS UNKNOWN COMICON tomorrow. It’s a one day show… so anyone in the area, come by and say hi.

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