Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. Anyone who has read the news item over at COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM already knows that there will be a hardcover collection of the 10-issue original TELLOS series Todd and I produced as well as the one-shots and the 5-page bit from the back of SECTION ZERO back when GORILLA COMICS was launching. All the variant covers and sketchbook material will be included as well– and if I’m not mistaken, some new sketch and design material that hasn’t been printed before. A lot of it is stuff I’ve posted here from time to time, but there will also be stuff that’s not been seen before anywhere. It’s tentatively scheduled for a late-spring release.

The thing that’s most exciting for me (and there’s a LOT I’m excited about with this project) is that it will be an “Omnibus”– or oversized– format when released. I’ve had this treatment with a couple of other books I’ve worked on– most notably FANTASTIC FOUR and the ‘OTHER’ issues I did of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN. Those were a real treat for me to see… having my work printed in that larger format was wonderful– but this is so much more special in that I co-own these characters. TELLOS is still the achievement I’m most proud of in my career… the nearest and dearest to my heart– and to have this oversized hardcover coming out is absolutely thrilling. So– it’s in honor of the release of this news that I produced today’s sketch.

This is Entry 303.


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