One of the greatest things about getting to work with Todd Dezago on SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN (besides the fact that I got to work with Todd– and I got to draw SPIDER-MAN, for gosh sakes…) was that the editor, Ralph Macchio, allowed us to do whatever kinds of stories that we wanted to do. Other than the occasional crossover (and I think there were several of them during our run)– we were left to our own desires as far as story content went. And Todd was incredibly generous in allowing me to ask for whatever kinds of stories or guest stars I wanted to draw at any time. I simply had to ask for something, and Todd made it happen. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Todd and I both enjoy tales of fantasy and magic– and for one story arc, we decided that it would be fun to team SPIDER-MAN up with DOCTOR STRANGE– a character I’ve always had a soft spot for since I was a kid– in a story arc that pitted them against an other-dimensional sorcerer and gremlin-Lord named Buel. He was on a quest to grab a magical talisman called the Sphere of Sara-Kath from the Technomancer Corporation. This corporation was dedicated to using arcane artifacts of magic and the occult to give them a leg up in the business world. Unfortunately for them, the Sphere opened up a rift to Buel’s dimension, allowing him to enter ours and wreak havoc.

This story arc was a blast to draw. It had everything that someone who loves to draw a fantasy and SPIDER-MAN mash-up could want: DOCTOR STRANGE, an evil other-dimensional Goblin-Lord, tons of little goblins, a huge ogre– and coolest of all, the chance to send SPIDER-MAN dimension hopping. Only in SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN could you see the main character riding a giant ice serpent…..


Ah….. good times.

This is Entry 272.


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