The thing I like so much about fantasy and mythology is that those myriad worlds of the imagination and lore are so filled with fun and interesting creatures that just don’t exist in our own grounded, mundane and ordered world. I think that’s why gaming systems like WORLD OF WARCRAFT and DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS are so very popular. There are many people who wish that our world was filled with these creatures– they long to see unicorns frolicking in a meadow, or faeries flitting through the sunlight streaming between the leaves and branches of the forest, or dragons soaring overhead on their way to somewhere we can only imagine. It’s the kind of desire for something beyond our own existence that fuels the belief that the LOCH NESS MONSTER or BIGFOOT/YETI or the CHUPACABRA exist.

Personally, I prefer to keep these creatures in the realm of imagination. Who needs dragons scorching your roof as they buzz by….? These creatures, as enchanting and mesmerizing as they may be, would be pretty frightening (and menacing, in some cases) if they really existed. Fun to think about, though…..

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