You know what I miss already….? SPIDER-MAN’s classic costume– that’s what. It’s such a timeless and brilliant design– it’s no wonder that there’s never been a permanent change from the original. It’s hard to imagine ANYONE coming up with something that could replace forever the original design… something that would stand the test of time as SPIDER-MAN’s first design has. I remember the black/symbiote costume was a nice change of pace for a while– and lasted for quite some time before the original came back. From my point of view as an artist on a SPIDER-MAN title– and as a fan of the character– I can only hope that the present diversion from this wonderful original costume is a very brief one. I’ve had a lot of folks ask me over the years if it’s difficult drawing the webs on SPIDER-MAN’s duds… if it ever gets tedious or frustrating to have to draw them all the time. The funny thing is, after a while, they become second nature. And the webs have a wonderful way of helping to define the form… they actually help provide or add to the illusion of dimensionality to any drawing of the character. So, as I always say to those who ask…. no, it’s not frustrating. It almost becomes a zen thing. It’s fun to watch the form grow out of the lines that make up the webbing on SPIDER-MAN’s costume.

Come back soon, classic SPIDER-MAN…. come back soon.

This is Entry 216.


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