Well, the Christmas holiday was a wonderful one for me and my folks. I drove up Christmas morning and arrived just in time for the big meal. That kicked off three days of holiday gorging (well, gorging might be too strong a word… but overeating was the norm for my three days at my parents’ home)– and I still feel very much like a beached whale. Or, an overstuffed bear, if you like. It wasn’t so much the ‘main course’ meals that my folks made as it was the abundance of rich deserts and candies that they had on hand. I ate my fill of pasta salads and soups and vegan ravioli and marinated mushrooms and the like, yes. But the cakes and cookies and chocolate covered candies is where I did the most damage. I’m most certainly going to have to spend some extra time on the stair climber to offset the past few days.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful holiday season…. and for those of you who are the partying type, NEW YEARS EVE is right around the corner…! Me, I’ll be lucky to stay awake long enough to mark the change of the year at midnight……

This is Entry 177.


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