Marvel has released the images for the next two variant SPIDER-MAN covers (which I’ve also posted here below)– and have announced that they’ll be taking a poll as to which variation of SPIDER-MAN’S costume that folks would like to see on the last two variants. I’m still unclear as to whether retailers or fans will be making the ultimate decision…. but as for the FANS choice, it clearly seems to be PETER PORKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-HAM. IF Marvel ends up going with SPIDER-HAM, I really think it would be only fitting that the original SH artist, Joe Albelo, be allowed to draw that version. It would be a hoot to see him draw the SPIDER-HAM version in his great style…. complete with his versions of DOC OCK’S tentacles and GOBLIN’S pumpkin bombs. I thought I’d do my version of SPIDER-HAM here, though, just for fun.

Here are the SPIDER-MAN 2099 and WRESTLER PETER PARKER covers that were just released:

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