Pleasant surprises…


The other day I got an email from Dan Slott. Dan writes the delightful SHE-HULK series, as well as the new THING series at Marvel. He was writing to thank me for drawing the FLAT-MAN ACTION FIGURE page in the GREAT LAKES AVENGERS X-MAS SPECIAL that came out recently. It very nice to hear from Dan– although it was entirely unnecessary for him to thank me…. the page was a lot of fun to do. But in that email, he mentioned that we had worked together on two one-page items at this point, and that he’d like to work together on something a little longer (I’d like that as well….!). He related the OTHER thing we’d done together; another very fun little job. Several years back, I was asked to draw a nine-panel story that would be used on the back of a subset of WOLVERINE cards from Fleer. It involved LIL’ WOLVERINE trying to decide which of his many incarnations would be the best one to dress as for Halloween. It was a ton of fun to draw… and until getting that email from Dan, I’d either FORGOTTEN that he’d written it, or never knew in the first place. It was a pleasant ‘blast from the past’, and prompted me to go back and pull the only xerox copy of it I still have and offer it here. I don’t know how many have seen these cards…. so here ya go:


Anyone who is NOT reading SHE-HULK … well, you SHOULD be. It’s an amazing comic. Dan does a wonderful job of writing a truly intelligent, witty and fun book– and he also is great at mixing character development with a healthy dose of action. He keeps things moving at all times, and that’s one of the things that makes comics so interesting for me. Unlike so many of the books written today, Dan never lingers on any one scene for too long….. his characters move from place to place and that’s something that’s not only fun to READ, but it’s got to be fun to draw as well. And Juan Bobillo does a brilliant job of drawing Dan’s great, quirky stories. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. It’s one of MY favorites, and it deserves your support.

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