My computer is working again — for now. The power supply had burned out. As it turns out, that’s been a common problem with the particular model of iMac G5 I purchased. I hope it’s something inside the original power supply and not some hardware flaw that’s going to make this an ongoing occurance. Although the folks at the Apple Store originally told me that it would probably take a week to install the new power supply, after telling them that I needed my computer back sooner than that because I use it every day for work (that’s the insidious side of the wonder of technology…. once you become dependent on it– then you’re DEPENDENT on it! It’s got you by the short-and-curlies), they were able to get it finished much sooner. However, when I returned to retrieve my crutch…. I mean my computer…. I was informed that the logic board is very close to crapping out as well. This is ALSO, it seems, a problem they’ve been having with this particular model. They tell me that the LB could last 5 more minutes or 5 more months…. there’s no way to tell. They have to order the new board (they had the power supply in stock, thankfully)– and so I’m here using my machine hoping that it’ll hold out until the new board comes in and they can get it installed. So far so good.

I recently did an interview with a French comic news magazine called COMIC BOX. The interview was conducted by Fabrice Sapolsky. Fabrice was a lot of fun to talk with– he’s a funny and knowledgeable guy. And he seems to know A LOT more about the American comic book industry than I do, and I LIVE here….! It’s an honor to have been chosen to be interviewed for the magazine and Fabrice also asked me to do the cover for that issue featuring…. who else… SPIDER-MAN. And as you can see, THE BLACK CAT. It was a blast to do, and I really love the way it came out. The LAST time my work was on the cover of COMIC BOX was back in 2000 when TELLOS debuted in France. So a public ‘THANK YOU…!’ to Fabrice for everything.

This is Entry 167 (not counting my brother’s post of a couple of days ago. And thanks again, Matt, for doing that for me).


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