One to carry you into the weekend….


I just wanted to post a quick sketch of SUPERGIRL I did as a warm-up the other day– and I threw some quick flat colors on it for added measure.

So FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #2 came out this past Wednesday…. did anyone buy it? What did you think?

Over at NEWSARAMA the OCTOBER 2005 sales chart for comics released that month is up. FRIENDLY #1 was #5 in ranking…. which is the highest ranking for ANY comic book I’ve ever worked on. Of course, the book being a first issue of a brand new SPIDER-MAN title– and being the lead-in/launch point for a major crossover event running through all the SPIDER-MAN titles was the major contributing factor. No matter what your views on these crossover stunts (personally, I don’t like them at all)– you can’t argue with the results in sales. AS LONG as retailers continue to order them in large numbers, and fans continue to buy them in equal numbers… the companies will continue to produce them. But as far as the ranking of the book– this level is a milestone for me.

This is Entry 160.


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