Here’s another example of why I love the internet so very much. Some time ago, I saw some news articles on the various comics news sites about a new comic called LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS coming from IMAGE that was being done by a couple of guys named Mike Bullock (writer) and Jack Lawrence(artist). I was very familiar with Jack’s work on a book he had created a while back called DARKHAM VALE. The first time I saw Jack’s work, I connected to it. His stuff’s got that open, vibrant , full-of-character kind of feel that I really enjoy in the more ‘cartoony’ kinds of work done in comics. There’s a charm to his drawing that just grabs me. And DARKHAM VALE was a wonderful dark fantasy/coming of age story that I enjoy so much– and the kind of thing that’s perfect for readers of all ages. There’s a sense of wonder and the fantastic in tales like DV and LTB that is sorely lacking in today’s comics. I don’t know if it’s because the folks writing most of the output from the ‘Big Two’ are jaded and cynical, or that they’ve grown OUT of their sense of imagination–but that imagination is missing from comics from the ‘majors’ these days. Now Jack is teaming up with Mike Bullock on LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS, a book that has some of those same themes of discovery and magic and wonder that I enjoy so much.

And so I posted on the IMAGE message boards, telling them how much I was looking forward to seeing LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS debut…. and wouldn’t you know it– in much the same situation as I described with the WONDERCITY folks a while back, Mike Bullock contacted me about sending me a preview-look at the full first issue and asking for a quote for the book. And thus, another interweb creative relationship was born. It’s happening all over these days, and it’s a beautiful thing. And now, just recently, Mike and Jack asked me to contribute a cover for the first issue of their NEW LTB volume… and I was more than thrilled to do so. That’s the image you see above….. gloriously colored by Jack Lawrence himself over in Jolly Old England. VIVA LA INTERNET…!!!! I’m not going to try to describe the story behind LTB, because I want you– if you’re not ALREADY familiar with this wonderful book– to go check out some information about IT and many other wonderful creations from the fertile minds and hands of these and other folks over at the RUNMASTER STUDIOS web site. It’s all about imagination and wonder over there. So do yourself a favor– go see what they have to show you, read all about it…. and then go seek out LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS. They’ve got a trade out of the first mini series– so you can catch up on what you’ve been missing.

I know I’ll be first in line to get the first issue of the NEW mini when it hits.

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