WING was a concept that I was formulating years back for a possible creator-owned project that, like SO MANY of the ideas that I come up with, I never got around to actually doing anything with. I’m not even clear on what the details of the story were. It had something to do with a young kid who’s father was a multi-billionaire corporate tycoon, and the kid (named WING, for some reason….. I don’t think he was Asian) finds out that his dad is really the front man for an invasion force from another dimension. And at about the same time he finds this out, his latent powers (just enhanced strength and durability, I think…) manifest themselves, and he confronts his father in a knock-down drag-out brawl. This discovery and confrontation triggers an early start to the invasion, and WING, after having trounced his dad, has to then track down an destroy any and all of the invaders from this other militant dimension.

Like I said, I might have gotten some of the details wrong, since I never wrote any of it down (THAT was brilliant….!). I was so serious about it at one point that I used the WING character and one of the ‘bad guys’ from the story in a WIZARD BASIC TRAINING on ‘Movement’ that I did for the magazine.

Like I said– I’ve got tons of these old ideas that never made it much farther than a few character sketches and (if I’m LUCKY) a scribbled note or two about it.

This is Entry 139.


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