One for the road

OK– so Scott and me, we’re headed out today for the drive to Charlotte and HEROES CON. Before we go, though, I’ve had to schedule a visit from the folks who installed my heat pump/air conditioning unit some 7 or 8 years ago. It seems that some time between the time I left to pick Scott up from the airport yesterday and the time we got here to my house, the unit decided to stop working. And after I had promised Scott a beautifully chilly house to arrive to (the temperature’s starting to heat up, as summer hits). I’ve had nothing but trouble with this unit for the past 5 years or so. I think they sold me a lemon– but since I declined the extended warrantee on the thing back when I first bought it, I’m basically screwed. I’ve had as much work done on it as it originally cost back in 1996/7…. and that was about 4 grand! The repair guy they’re sending is named Rob– and he’s the one they’ve sent almost every time I’ve had to have work done. It’s like we’re becoming old friends.

So anyway– back to the con for a second, now that I’ve vented. I’ll be taking my digital camera, and hopefully get a lot of fun pictures of the show. We’re due to return next Monday afternoon– so hopefully I’ll have a report about the show up either that evening or the next day. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with one more sketch– this one of the Princess from the cover of my ‘hopefully-soon-to-be-released’ sketchbook. And maybe I’ll see some of you who read this online self indulgence at the show!


OK.. those of you NOT going to the show, see you here next week. And try to stay COOL. Hopefully after today’s repair visit, I’ll be able to do the same…….

This is Entry 124.


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