More SPIDER-MAN play…

Well, that last post prompted quite the spirited discussion afterwards in the comments section, I have to say– which was a lot of fun to read! It was incredibly cool to have Jeff Campbell drop in and add his perspective on the whole situation– and to read the back and forth that came with all of it. I’d love to discuss this kind of thing with you at length, Jeff– but your site doesn’t have an email function on it! If you happen to stop in again and see this particular post– if you’d be interested, I’d love for you to go to the contact page and send me your email so we can delve further into the subject. I’d love to continue to pick your brain about it. I thought for today’s post, I’d try a side-by-side comparison with the way I’ve been drawing SPIDER-MAN lately with a version of the way I drew him when I was working on SENSATIONAL. More of a ‘thinking out loud on paper’ kind of thing. I’m still very torn between fighting my natural instincts to draw him in a more traditional manner and trying to go wild and put my own stamp on him by, as Jeff put it, ‘dusting it off and tweaking it here and there’. I’m not all that worried about it– this is the fun part of the process anyway– coming up with a personal take. I’m just glad I’ve got the luxury of time to actually PLAY with it, like I did on FANTASTIC FOUR. Of course, the way I drew the FOUR was quite different from the time I started to the time I finished my run. That’s the way it is with everything I do. It’s just what happens– so really, anything I come up with will more than likely mutate organically over the months anyway.


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