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No real theme for today’s post. I thought I’d just put up a few random items from my piles of sketches– things I’ve done on the spur of the moment– warm-ups or designs that I’ve used for some of my comic projects. The first one is a sketch of an Alex Toth character– it may be the only character he ever created for HIMSELF– for a series called BRAVO FOR ADVENTURE. It didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped, so my original attempt to add it to an Alex Toth thread on THEDRAWINGBOARD.ORG was aborted. But what the heck, I don’t mind showing it…..



The second is just a sketch of a young couple. I try to keep up with what young folks are wearing and the kinds of hairstyles they have in an attempt to keep ‘current’ with modern looks. I never want to get caught in that odd loop that so many comic book artists had in the 90’s where their idea of ‘cutting edge’ was to give everyone green mohawks and lots of chains– something that had gone out of fashion a decade pervious. Heck, THIS will probably look dated in a few years, the way fashion trends constantly evolve…..


And finally, here’s a couple of ladies I designed for a bar scene that was set in Ben Grimm’s old Yancy Street neighborhood in the beginning of FANTASTIC FOUR #523. The idea was to make the characters in the bar as scruffy and seedy as possible. I really liked the way these ladies turned out in my sketches– but I couldn’t make them quite as run-down looking in the actual pages for some reason…


OK– that’s it for today.


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