PHOTO blogging today…..

I’ve had several folks asking me to post photos of my studio because it’s something that interests them. I guess it’s something that interests me as well. It’s fun to see the work space of folks who draw for a living– so I can relate. So, here’s a few shots of my studio space, including my sweet new computer system.

And I’d also like to share some pictures of little Charlie, my cat– who really isn’t all that little anymore. He’s grown into quite a big fella, and when he stretches out, he’s like a giant sausage with legs….. as you’ll see.

Here’s Charlie, barely tolerating me taking YET ANOTHER picture of him. I think his face says it all…..

And here’s a picture of a creature who is a MASTER of relaxation and deep sleep.

The fine folks at COMIXFAN did an interview with me recently and you can find it here. It centers on my recently ended run on FANTASTIC FOUR and looks slightly ahead to the FF team’s upcoming run on the new SPIDER-MAN title that begins in October of this year.


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