Thanks to a suggestion by Alebrije in the last post’s comments section, I’m going to try to use IMAGESHACK.US to host the images for the blog until my host server gets back to me about whatever the problem is. IMAGESHACK has a wonderful and easy interface– so thanks so much for the tip, Alebrije– let’s hope it works! (By the way– you do some great work! I checked out your link).

In yet another example in the series of “I’ve got my own childhood character just like ‘CHARACTER X'” characters– I present STAR POWER. He was my own version of NOVA. As I stated previously, I was a huge fan of the NOVA character (though not nearly as much as my bro) and so, of course, I had to create my own version. So, here’s the older version followed up by my new sketch of the character.

UPDATE: It works– but apparently you need to click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions. So, click away!

UPDATE 2: I STILL haven’t heard back from my web host (which is rather infuriating…) but my buddy Casey Jones told me about the free web space that comes with a .Mac account, so I’m hosting the images there. So at least for now, all is good.

UPDATE 3: I just got a call from my web host– and as it turns out, it’s my own stupidity that caused all this. I was trying to use the wrong user name to log onto my ftp space. So, the fault is all mine. At least I’ve never been accused of being long in the brains department…..


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