This week’s trip down the childhood “memory lane” of the characters I created back then centers on my version of a BATMAN-type character I called THE UNCANNY OWL. The OWL character had one of those simple, cheesy origins that are the kinds of things that a kid dreams up. In his “civilian” life, the OWL was a scientist. One day, his family gets killed by gangsters (I don’t remember what prompted that killing)– and in a fit of grief, he creates a costume based on his pet owl to go out and hunt down these gangsters. That’s about all I remember– but I’m willing to bet there’s not much more than that to it.

So, here’s the childhood drawing of THE UNCANNY OWL….

And here’s the modern drawing of the character….

I also thought I’d throw out a sketch I did for the monthly jam thread going on over at SKETCHBOOKSESSIONS.COM. This month’s subject is X-MEN– which as anyone even remotely familiar with that group of books knows, leaves it wide open to so many different characters it boggles the mind. I can’t imagine any comic book franchise that has more characters than the X-MEN have. I chose the 70’s versions of CYCLOPS and JEAN GREY/MARVEL GIRL. I really liked the designs on these costumes back then. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic these days with all the looks back at my childhood characters and drawing X-MEN from the “good old days”. Either that, or I’m beginning a mid-life crisis– but if this is as far as it manifests itself, I’ll be doing OK…..

A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone who celebrates that holiday…!


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