Charlie’s Story


I have to apologize for not posting very much lately. I’ve been so overwhelmed by my deadlines that it’s been impossible to fit in any extras into my schedule. But this is something I wanted to tell anyone who cares….

I got a call late last week from a friend named Gelenora. She is a part time vet-tech who used to take care of my late lamented cat Butch when I would go on trips out of town. She is skilled in giving shots to animals, so she could easily give Butch the insulin injections she needed for her diabetes– as well as feed her and take care of any other needs. Glenora’s a wonderful person with one of the kindest hearts and love for animals I’ve ever met. She was calling to tell me about a little kitten they had at the clinic where she works. A man brought this kitten in to drop off because he “didn’t want it anymore…”. It was malnourished and sickly– and when the folks at the clinic told the man that they weren’t a shelter, and that he’d need to get treatment for the kitten to get him healthy before he dropped it off at ANY shelter (which they would have been happy to do– but he’d have to pay for it, natch), he promptly left and tossed the kitten into the wooded area behind the clinic and drove away. Fortunately, one of the clinic staff saw this, and Gelenora rushed outside– and after about 5 minutes of calling, the little kitten made his way to Gelnora’s arms. She called ME when they had gotten him nursed back to health. She really wanted me to meet this kitten. Glenora knew how attached I had been to Butch and how crushed I was when I had to put her to sleep back in April. And she knew that now that Butch was gone that I wanted to take some time and concentrate on work, travel and leisure for a while before I even THOUGHT about getting another pet. But she also thought that this little kitten was something special and she knew he needed a really good home. She couldn’t take him home herself because she’s already got 11 animals– and she couldn’t find anywhere else that she thought would make an appropriate home for the kitten that came to be named “Charlie” by the attending Veterinarian at the clinic.

That’s when she called me.

I reluctantly agreed to go in to meet Charlie– even though I still felt that I wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of another companion animal. But meeting Charlie changed my mind immediately. He’s such a warm, friendly and goofy little guy that he melted my heart at once. He loves to be held for as long as you’ll hold him. He’s not afraid of anything and he’s as sweet as can be– as well as being a bit clumsy and silly. He’s into being held upside down and he lays upside down in his little cat bed and looks out at you with an upside down head. I couldn’t take him right away and asked the folks at the clinic if they could hold onto him until after this coming weekend. I had to go out of town last weekend, and am visiting my folks THIS weekend– so they agreed. Unfortunately, Charlie was let out to have the run of the clinic one day and got into the cage of a dog that was in for treatment who had just been fed. The dog chomped down on Charlie and broke his shoulder as well as puncturing him to two places. Fortunately, he’s healing nicely– but it means I might not get to take him home this coming Monday– not until the Vets are sure he’s healed enough to leave the clinic.

This little fella’s already used up two of his nine lives. I hope I’ll be able to help him conserve the last seven. I can’t wait to get him here. I’ve been in a great mood ever since I agreed to adopt him– although I also have feelings of guilt about taking on a new friend so soon after losing Butch. It’s dredged up a lot of buried grief that I’ve been feeling about the terrible deterioration of her health the last year of her life. Even after 6 months, I’m still torn up over how bad she had gotten with her arthritis, kidney disease and diabetes. But I’m also looking forward to this young, vital little guy named Charlie– who is really the opposite of what Butch was in age, temperment and appearance. It’s going to be great– I’m sure of it.

And just so there’s actually art to go with this blog entry– here’s something under the catagory of “probably never seen before”. It’s a prize piece I did for a WIZARD MAGAZINE contest several years ago. I used to do free prize material for them all the time. This is just one example.

OK– it’s back to work.

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