Some GOOGLE fun….

I’ll be honest– I’m beginning to run out of sketch stuff that I can post that hasn’t been seen by lots of people already. I didn’t think it would happen so soon because I have such massive stacks and files full of paper with sketches and layouts that I’ve accumulated (read: hoarded) over the years. But for the most part, these are largely layouts of comics that have been published or sketches for covers and pinups that have been published. NEW stuff– character designs, warm up sketches, doodles– is getting harder to find. The BRIGHT side is that it will force me to sketch more to continue to have stuff to post. That’s a good thing. But just for fun, I did a GOOGLE search for images connected to my name– and I came across a FEW things that I thought might be fun to put up. My apologies to everyone that I “pinched” these files from. Hope you don’t mind.

The first piece is a FLASH sketch that I did in marker. It looks like something I did at the ACTOR booth at WIZARDWORLD PHILLY last year– I seem to have a vague memory of doing it there.

The second piece is, I THINK, something I did specifically to sell on eBay a couple of years back. I don’t know why I didn’t make a scan for myself, because I was doing that pretty consitantly then– but who knows. At least I found one on the owner’s (I assume…) site.

I’ve got a couple more that I’ll save for another day. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in such things, but I could certainly begin posting some of those layouts I was referencing earlier if folks would be interested in seeing them. Maybe you’d be into seeing the process of what the layouts look like to compare to the printed page….? Maybe not. Leave me a note in the comments section, and if enough people think it’s something they’d like to see, I’ll certainly put that in the mix here.

I’m off this morning to go visit my parents for the weekend. So for those who actually check this blog out daily, there won’t be anything up early tomorrow. I’m only at the parental units place overnight– so maybe I’ll make a post tomorrow evening when I return. As addicted as I’ve become to this thing– I probably will.

‘Til tomorrow, then.


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