Sue and Johnny versus the Dwarf

I’ve got a ton of work to get done these next two days– so the words that accompany the sketches today are going to be a bit light (not that anyone comes here to read words anyway….)– so to start off, here’s yet ANOTHER FANTASTIC FOUR cover sketch that didn’t make the cut. I really liked this one– but I did it just as Marvel decided that generic covers MIGHT not be a great thing for ever issue…. Ah, well.

The second sketch made me go “What the f…..?” when I came across it. It was giving me that “Whutchu lookin’ at, fool…?” stare– and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember why I even drew it. After a bit of an uncomfortable stare-down, it started to come back to me that the sketch was the result of a conversation I had with a friend of mine named Chris Kemple who works at RED STORM ENTERTAINMENT— you know, the cool video game development company that makes such great games as RAINBOW SIX and GHOST RECON…? Now, what the coversation was and why this sketch ended up happening as a result– well, those details are lost to the mists of my ever more frazzled and dim mind. But anyway, here’s the little dwarf with the bad attitude anyway.

Time to get to it….


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