An untold story of what might have been….

First off, I’d like to thank The Johnny Bacardi Show for the link to this blog. It’s nice to know that people are stumbling on this little space in the overhwhelming cacophony that is the Web. And as always, thanks to my buddy Jeff Parker for the constant plugs/shout outs and links to my blog. Parker’s the guy who’s been gently chiding me for months to start updating on a regular basis, so I owe him for the inspiration.

A few posts back, I put up a picture of the original LEGION team that I did as a Christmas picture for Mark Waid last holiday. What I DIDN’T say was that it was also a little nod to something that ALMOST happened. Back when there was the incredible internet furor over Mark being “fired” (or removed– depending on your perspective. “Fired” if you’re Mark Waid or any of his fans– “removed” if you’re a misguided Bill Jemas) from FANTASTIC FOUR– Mark was in talks with DC about taking over LEGION of SUPERHEROES as the ongoing writer as a replacement for his lost FF gig. I had removed myself from the FF title in support of Mark– so I was ALSO in talks with DC about DRAWING Mark’s upcoming LEGION run. I’m not going to bore everyone with all the minute back-and-forth details of what actually happened. But as everone who followed this little episode already knows, I ended up BACK on FF (with Mark, of course) when all the dust settled anyway. But I wanted to put up just a little example of a SATURN GIRL sketch I did at the time as a warm up in anticipation of working on the book. It would have been fun– but I think everything worked out the way it was ultimately meant to be in the end.

I’m still looking forward to Mark’s run on LEGION. I know it’s going to be great– it’ll just be without me.


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