Correcting an Oversight

Yesterday, when I made the announcement about returning to FANTASTIC FOUR– and how thrilled I was to be working with Mark Waid and Tom Brevoort again– I neglected to list someone who has been an anchor in the creation of the artwork on the book: KARL KESEL.

I wanted to say just how honored I am to have been working with this guy. I’ve worked with inkers who have done good– even great jobs over my pencil work. I’ve also worked with inkers who have either overpowered my efforts, or diminished the life and bounce I feel I put into my work. But Karl— boy…. Karl brings something to the table that no other inker I’ve ever worked with has. And that’s because he’s more than “just an inker”. Anyone who has seen the complete artwork that Karl has done on various projects in the past knows what I’m talking about. He’s a fantastic artist who can hold his own with anyone. That’s why his ink work over another’s pencils is so powerful. Without Karl, the FANTASTIC FOUR stuff we’ve been doing wouldn’t look HALF AS GOOD. I can’t express how happy I am to be working with Karl– and on this book again.

Thanks, Karl.


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